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Search Engines

We all love Google but there are other Search Engines out there that can offer us different possibilities. Depending on what you are looking for a more specific search engine or one with particular paramaters may be suit your needs. Click on each image to access the Search Engine.

Noodle Tools - NoodleQuest

The NoodleQuest page uses a series of questions to help you refine what you are looking for, most useful for detailed or academic research, and helps you find the best search engine to suit your needs.



Sweet Search

All of the websites gathered by the search engine Sweet Search have been evaluated by experts. The site aims to assist students in finding good, quality information.


WolframAlpha is a search engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. It claims to be a computational knowledge engine not a search engine.



(From their website) 'ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. To date, thousands of students and volunteer library and information science professionals have been involved in answering reference questions for our Ask an ipl2 Librarian service and in designing, building, creating and maintaining the ipl2's collections. It is through the efforts of these students and volunteers that the ipl2 continues to thrive to this day.'


From Gooru website: "Gooru's mission is to honor the human right to education. We are dedicated to engaging a community of teachers, developers, and supporters to unleash personalized learning with technology to educate all the students of the world."  To achieve this aim they have curated curriculum based collections of resources, quizzes and assessment tasks.

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Research Strategies - State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria, via their site Ergo, has material on:

Research Skills

  • Defining the Task
  • Locating Information
  • Selecting Resources
  • Organising Notes

Essay Writing Skills

  • The Essay Question
  • Planning your Essay
  • Using Quotes
  • The Writing Process

Study Skills

  • Getting Organised
  • Surviving Exams
  • Managing Stress

Click on the Ergo icon.


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