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Sharyn Errey - Library Technician

Helen Gebus - Teacher Librarian

Lidia Nibaldi - Library Technician

Julia Petricevic - Head of Library and Information Services

‚ÄčLyn Pucius - Teacher Librarian 


Dan Allen

Tom Coolledge - Multimedia Coordinator 


d'Houet Library

Monday to Thursday 8am to 7pm

Friday 8am to 4pm

Closed for the first 25 minutes of lunchtime, except for VCE students.


Grange Hill Library

Monday to Friday 8.20 am to 4pm

Closed Recess and the first 25 minutes of lunchtime.


Visitor Globe - from April 2016

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Overdrive eBook and Audio Book Library

Click on this image to be forwarded to the Overdrive eBook and Audio Book Library Home page.

Getting started with Overdrive - Video

Titles In Our Library