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Home: 3. Finding books

13th June to 22nd June 2018

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Why use books?

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Tip! Read efficiently

Tips for using the Genazzano Library Catalogue


Click on the image above to view a video explaining how to use the Library Catalogue effectively by adjusting the search filters to reduce the amount of results. 

Public Libraries

Public Libraries may also have books and articles containing information useful for your research task. Search their online catalogue to see if they have relevant items before you set off to the local branch. Usually, you will need to be a member to borrow books or login to their online databases.

Locating books on the shelf

Before you rush off to the shelf to find the book, check that your are looking in the correct library and then the right part of that library. On the catalogue, you will notice that items are located in the d'Houet or Grange Hill libraries. Within each library, books are shelved sections and within those sections, ordered by numbers and letters (non fiction) or letters (fiction).

d' Houet Sections: Fiction, Later Years Fiction, Non Fiction, Real Lives, LOTE, Picture Books, Poetry and Verse, Short Stories, Quick Reads, Graphic Novels, Teacher Reference.

Grange Hill Sections: Junior Fiction, Junior Non Fiction, Junior Picture Fiction, Junior Graphic Novels, Junior Real Reads, Easy Fiction.

Watch the video below to find out about how Non Fiction books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Once you have found a relevant book on the shelves, browse the surrounding books to see if they too are useful for your research.