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Religious Education: Outcome 3 Task - Contemporary Issues in a Pluralist Society

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Books in the d'Houet Library

  • Bowie, Robert Christianity: Ethics   241.07 BOW                                                    
  • Cribb, Julian   Poisoned Planet    363.73 CRI
  • Elliott, Ray Chaos or Clarity: Encountering Ethics 170 ELL
  • Engebretson, Kathleen. Catholic Ethical Thinking for Senior Secondary Students 241.042 ENG
  • Finkel, Elizabeth    Stem Cells: Controversy at the Frontiers of Science  174.28 FIN
  • Fullick, Ann      In Vitro Fertilization   618.178 FUL                          
  • Healey, Justin (ed.)   The Cloning Debate  174.957 CLO
  • Healey, Justin (ed.)   Assisted Conception   618.178059 ASS
  • Healey, Justin (ed.)    Reproductive Technology  176 REP                                     
  •                                 Doping and Drugs in Sport  344.94099 DOP
  •                                 Human Genetics : Ethics and Issues  599.935 HUM
  • McAdam, Jane   Refugees    362.8756 MCA               
  • Mordini, Tony   Ethics for Today : Analysing Values and Beliefs 170 MOR
  • Morgan, Sally   Genetic Engineering : The Facts    174.25 MOR
  • Morris, Jonathan    The Ethics of Biotechnology  174.957 MOR
  • Sneddon, Robert  Medical Ethics: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000  174.2 SNE
  • Stearman, Kaye    Cosmetic Surgery   174.2979 STE                                       
  • Stiglitz, Joseph E.  Fair Trade for All   382.3  STI
  • Wilcockson, Michael   Medical Ethics   174.2  WIL


Babies and bodies – the surrogacy industry – The feed and Festival of dangerous ideas

BBC website - Ethical Issues

Annenberg Media

This website from Annenberg Media provides information about genetics, genetic engineering, DNA, the Human Genome Project and the ethical implications of these new technologies. (Suitable for interactive whiteboard).

ABC Catalyst - Stem Cell Research Debate

The ABC science television program Catalyst has gathered video content about the stem cell debate and created this mini site. Topics include an overview of human stem cells, the use of human embryos, donor stem cells for orthopaedic repair, research on the ageing process and other biological applications. Additional documents and research papers are provided.

Trove - A Useful Site

Trove is the National Library of Australia.

Member ship is free.

It contains many useful articles on ethical issues as well as many other areas of study. 

Click on the image in the box below.


National Library of Australia



St James Ethics Centre

Stem Cell Research - Viewpoints

National Institute of Health

 The National Institute of Health provides topics on genes and genetics, gene therapy, the human genome project, and ethics and genetics. Click on the image above to access their website.

BBC - Religion and Ethics website

Genazzano Library Service