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Visual Communication: Design Elements and Principles

Art, Design and Visual Thinking

This online textbook: 'Art, Design, and Visual Thinking' provides information about the elements and principles of design. Topics include: point, line, form, movement, colour, pattern, texture, balance, proportion, rhythm etc.

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Design for all Five Senses


Principles of Design

Elements of Design

Library Collection

Design by Fiona MacdonaldTwentieth century design by Jonathan M WoodhamPackaging design by Bill StewartWhy design now? : National Design Triennial by Ellen LuptonWhat is design today? by George H MarcusThe fundamentals of creative design by Gavin AmbroseDesign of the 20th century by Charlotte FiellDesign handbook : concepts, materials, styles by Charlotte Fiell

The library holds over 1300 texts that have something to do with design. Search the library catalogue, seek assistance from staff or browse the shelves to find a range of wonderful texts to support your studies.