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Australian History Units 3 and 4: Unit 3 - Area of Study 1 - The Reshaping of the Port Philip District/Victoria, 1834-1860

Reshaping the Port Philip District 1834 - 1860 - Book Resources

Broome, Richard (ed.) The Colonial Experience: The Port Phillip District 1834-1850994.5 COL

Clark, Manning.  A History of Australia  (vol. 3) 994.02 CLA

Frauenfelder, Peter [comp.] Aboriginal Communities: The Colonial Experience, Port Phillip District. 994.502 ABO

Frauenfelder, Peter [comp.] Patterns of Migration: The Colonial Experience, Port Phillip District.  994.502 PAT

Frauenfelder, Peter (ed.) Social Conditions & Political Life: The Colonial Experience, Port Phillip District. 994.502 SOC

Gurry, Tim (ed.)   The European Occupation 994.02 EUR

Klefac , Ariana  (ed.)  Australian Voices : Glimpses of our Pioneering Past through Diaries, Letters and Recollections from the First Fleet to the Great War. 994.02 AUS

Laidlaw, Ronald Discovering Australian History to 1900: An Evidence Based Approach. 994 LAI

 Miriams, Sarah Imagining Australia : Australian History, VCE units 3 & 4. 994 MIR

Shaw, A.G.L.  A History of the Port Phillip District : Victoria before Separation. 994.5 SHA

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Article on land tenure and settlement with laws relating to policies put in place during the early history of the settlement of the Port Phillip District

The Latrobe Journal

The 1996 Redmond Barry Lecture
Aborigines and Settlers in the Port Phillip District 1835–1850 

State Library of Victoria - Research Guides

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