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R.O.A.D.: Horses


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Angus, Sam                 A Horse Called Hero

Bagnold, Enid              National Velvet

Baker, Candida           The Penguin Book of the Horse

Blacker, Terence         Racing Manhattan

Brocker, Susan            Dreams of Warriors

Brooke, Lauren            Heartland series

Brugman, Alyssa         For Sale or Swap

Bryant, Bonnie            The Saddle Club series

Burkhart, Jessica         Canterwood Crest series

Cooper, Louise             Sea horses

Eveleigh, Victoria        Katy’s Wild Foal

Farley, Terri                Free Again     

Farley, Walter             The Black Stallion

Findlay, Jamieson       Blue Roan Child

French, Jackie             The Book of Horses and Unicorns

Ghent, Natale             No Small Thing

Gleitzman, Morris      Loyal Creatures

Gregg, Stacy               The Island of Lost Horses and others

Haworth, Dianne         Kaimanawa

Harrison, Troon           The Horse Road

Heffernan, John          A Horse Called Elvis

Henry, Marguerite        King of the Wind: the Story of the Godolphin Arabian

Hucklesby, Jill             Samphire Song

Kerr, Philip                  The Winter Horses

King, Donna                 Unbeatable series

Lawrence, LS               Horses for King Arthur

Lean, Sarah                 A Horse for Angel

Lester, Alison              The Snow Pony

Lewis, CS                     The Horse and His Boy

Lloyd, Alison                Battle of the Jade Horse

Metzenthen, David       Finn and the Big Guy

McKinley, Robin           Pegasus

Mitchell, Elyne              The Silver Brumby

Morpurgo, Michael       Warhorse

Norrington, Leonie       The Last Muster

O’Hara, Mary                  My Friend Flicka

Oldfield, Jenny              Navaho Joe

Sewell, Anna                  Black Beauty

Shepherd, Megan          The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

Smiley, Jane                   Nobody’s Horse

Steinbeck, John             The Red Pony

Stiefvater, Maggie          The Scorpio Races

St John, Lauren              The One Dollar Horse trilogy

Wheeler, Samantha        Spud and Charli

Wood, Karen                   Diamond Spirit series