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R.O.A.D.: Book Reviews

Writing a book review

Choose a book that you had read recently and enjoyed. You should finish writing the review in one session. 

Please post your finished review as a blog on your GenConnect eportfolio in the "Reading Reflections" section. Reviews will be selected to be featured to the College newsletter - you will be rewarded for your efforts!


When you write a book review, consider why people read book reviews - it is to help them decide if they should read the book! It is an opportunity to express your opinion, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the book and recommend particular readers who might enjoy the book. Read the articles below to help you write an engaging and articulate book review. 

1. Read the article on expert tips - pay attention to what makes a good book review.

2. Have a look at recent book reviews on the Readings bookstore website - consider how they are good examples of a book review.

3. Follow these steps to write your own book review. 

Your review should be brief: 200 to 300 words. Your work should be edited properly - no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Include an image of the book cover. You can take this from the publisher's website. Be sure to credit the image and embed a hyperlink or include a reference to the website the image is sourced from. 

1. Expert tips: How to write a book review

2. Latest reviews from Readings

3. Step by step: How to write a book review