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Music: Medieval Music


Medieval Music (500-1450)Minstrels

Start your research by reviewing the resources available on this page and the databases listed on the Year 9 Music page. Search WorldCat for items in our library and carefully select which databases and encyclopedias will be of most use to your purpose or task. Think about your search terms carefully and refine them as you learn more about the topic. The links below provide a starting point for information about Medieval Music. Documentary evidence for the Medieval Period is sometimes incomplete and you may find different dates cited in various sources.

Ars Nova

ars nova


Medieval Musical Instruments

Medieval Dance

ClickView - The Medieval Minstrel

Monty Python veteran Terry Jones hosts Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, a series that delves into the lives of different medieval occupations, this episode explores the life of minstrels. The show includes a mix of humor, guests, and the characteristic animation that even the casual observer of Jones' More Monty Python years will be able to recognize. ABC, 2008.




Léonin c.1150-1201

Pérotin c.1160 - 1205

Guillaume de Machaut
Guilluame de Machaut c.1300 -1377


Guidionian Hand

Part II Early Organum and Free Organum (c. 900-1200) 1. Alleluia: Angelus domini; Respondens (oblique organum) 2. Alleluia: Justus ut palma 3. Alleluia: Angelus domini Gordon Jones, Paul Hillier and the HIlliard Ensemble

Medieval Songs

50 minutes of Medieval Songs.

Medievalist Rai d'Honoré hosts a rapid-fire tour of Occitania, home of the troubadours. She visits the castles of Lastours, Peyrepertuse, and Puivert to illustrate who the troubadours were, why they mattered, and how they were silenced.