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Humanities: Legal Studies - Unit 3/4 - Sanctions

Types of sanctions

Australian Institute of Criminology, Criminal Justice System - information and resources relating to corrections, courts, justice and policing.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria, Criminal and Traffic homepage - information on proceedings, fines and penalties.

Community Correction Order - information from the Sentencing Advisory Council.

Victoria Legal Aid, possible outcomes and sanctions for criminal offences.

Future directions/alternatives

Law Institute Victoria, submission to the attorney general - Review of sentencing options for drug related offending.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria, Criminal Justice Diversion Program - benefits, eligibility.

Effectiveness of sanctions

Sentencing Advisory Council - How does imprisonment combined with a community correction order compare with imprisonment only?

SACStat - Sentencing Advisory Council Statistics Online - databse for statistics imposed in Victorian criminal courts.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria - Sentencing, changes and convictions.

Victorian Sentencing Manual - online guide for practice and policy for sentencing in Victorian courts.

Legal Services Commission of SA, Sentencing - principles, information, options, deterrance and other considerations.

ABC - Prison study shows jail not an effective deterrent.

The conversation - Prison policy is turning Australia into the second nation of captives.

Australian Institute of Criminology - reports, papers and studies on rates of recidivism. 

The Sydney Morning Herald - Call for complete rethink as prison population, recidivism, explodes.

Victorian Ombudsman - Investigation into the rehabilitation and reintroduction of prisoners in Victoria. 

Queensland Parliamentary Library - Limiting prisoner disenfranchisement: the High Court Decision in Roach v Electoral Commissioner.

Lawgovpol - Case study: Vickie Lee Roach

Recent changes

Victorian Sentencing Manual, Legislative amendments summaries - overview of recent legislative changes that impact sentencing law. 

Victorian Sentencing Manual, 2017 - Updates, revisions and revisions.

Sentencing Advisory Council, Key events timeline - reforms and changes to sentencing in Victoria. 

UWSLR - A progressive court and a balancing test: Rowe v Electoral Commissioner [2010]

UWA Law School - Roach v Electorial Commissioner [2007]

Overseas examples

Government of the Netherlands, sentences and other non-punitive orders - alternative sanctions, fines and other sentences.

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, UK - alternatives to imprisonment in Europe.