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VCE English Texts: Nine Days

Nine Days

“ Alec you must know this. People disappear. They just go puff. Thin air.Nine Days by Toni Jordan Every time you see someone, you never know if you are seeing them for the last time”. 

 Kip, page 201.

“We’re a decent family. We’re half way up the hill. Anyone who takes advantage of a girl deserves the shame of it.”

Jean, page 171.

Jordan, T 2019, Nine days, Text Publishing, Melbourne.

Richmond Map

Annotated map of Richmond

Melbourne Publishing Co. (1918). Municipality of Richmond. Melbourne: Melbourne : Melbourne Publishing Co. Annotations show key places mentioned in Nine Days.

Richmond in the 1930s and 1940s.

The History Of The Melbourne Suburb Of Richmond.

In our first film of the series, we bring you the vivid and heartbreaking photographs from our F. Oswald Barnett collection. They provide a rare glimpse into the lives of Melbourne slum-dwellers of the 1930s - and the film also tells a fascinating story about the history of Melbourne's housing reform activism. See link below for the blog.

Examines the impact of the Great Depression on Australian society during the late 1920s and 1930s. This period saw levels of poverty and despair on a scale never before experienced in contemporary Australia. A diverse range of opinions and reflections are presented, providing insights to fascinating aspects of Australian society at the time.


Study Guides

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Nine Days - Toni Jordan - VCE ENGLISH HELP, 17 min.

Irish & Catholics in Richmond

Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising helped to shape political forces in Australia at a crucial time in our own national history. In particular, the execution of the leaders of the insurrection had a profound effect on Archbishop Daniel Mannix, the man who led Australia's Catholic community. Independent documentary maker Eoin Hahessy captures the mood of the time in this new film commemorating the centenary of these powerful events. 46 min.

Women, The Family, Social Life and Expectations

The Leggett Ballroom in Chapel Street, Prahran in Melbourne, has an extraordinary history as shown in this documentary. It shows the changing social attitudes across several decades. Watch for the War Years era to gain an appreciation of the scene describing the visit of Jean, Kip and Francis.  YouView Australia TV.

Author Toni Jordan

Booktopia Presents: Nine Days by Toni Jordan (Interview with Caroline Baum)

Toni Jordan introduces and reads from her romantic new novel Nine Days.

World War II

This BTN special gives a brief history of World War II. We find out about Australia's role in the war and learn more about the bombing of Darwin. We also take a look at the impact World War II had on the world.

September 11 Attacks

A powerful and unflinchingly honest look at what happened after the 9/11 tragedy - a chronicle of life in a changed world. It is 10 years since the age of terror began in earnest. From the moment the Twin Towers fell, 9/11 was seen as a watershed, a historical turning point of epic, irreversible proportions. Since then we've said, again and again, that 9/11 changed everything and that nothing would ever be the same. History Channel 1 hour 21min. 2011.

Women's Reproductive Rights