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Home: 1. Getting started

13th June to 22nd June 2018

Before you begin - about the research process


The image above shows what you might feel, think and do during a research process. You can read more about this research and Carol Kuhlthau's Information Search Process HERE.

When you undertake a research process, you might feel a a bit lost or uncertain at times. You can follow the steps in the Research Process to help you feel confident in knowing what to do and where to find information. There are two areas in particular that you might feel uncertain:

Getting started - use a Mind Map or Lotus Diagram to help explore your ideas, define and identify key words, and organise your thoughts.

Finding sources - use the key words you identified to search for to find current, relevant and quality sources of information, such as Britannica, World Book, published books and reference databases such as EBSCO Explora


Contact a librarian at any time if you need help - we love researching and referencing!

Define the task: develop your research question

Searching with keywords

Choosing keywords for your search

Thinking and brainstorming tool: Lotus diagram

Thinking and brainstorming tool: Mind map