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Theatre Studies / Drama: Japanese Theatre

Kabuki Theatre


Summary - theatre by the Japan Arts Council & the National Noh Theatre

The World of Noh Masks

National Noh Theatre

Noh Plays Database

Theatre Types

Click on the image bleow for access to the Global Performing Arts Database. Here you will find digital pictures and clips of Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki and Bunraku Theatre.


The mie is a special type of pose where actors, after doing elaborate movements, hold their body rigid and cross their eyes. This pose is often captured in the poster advertisements in plays (and also explains why these pictures show actors with their eyes crossed). This series of mie is from the play Kanjinchou. Listen as the audience claps and also yells out the kabuki actor's stage name.

Kyogen Comic Plays

An introduction to Kyogen, traditional comical plays usually performed between the acts of Noh plays.

An introduction to Bunraku

Bunraku - National Theatre of Japan


Dance of the Ghost - Costume and Movement