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Theatre Studies / Drama: Year 12 Drama Ensemble

Stories of Federici's ghost

Click on the image above to read an overview of the final moments, his funeral and strange occurances at the Princess Theatre. This article contains links to additional documents and references. 

Compare the account above with the two below - how are the accounts difference? What evidence has been used?

Federici In the news

Click on the image above to read an article from The Age discussing the death of Federici and the enduring appeal of ghost stories. 

Federici, the real Phantom of the Opera

The video above outlines the legend of Federici's ghost and includes a personal account of seeing the ghost. 

Other ghosts

Click on the image above to read an article providing a brief overview of the key haunted locations around Melbourne, including links to visit their websites.

The video above provides a dramatic overview of various ghosts and paranormal activity reported to haunt Melbourne. It includes primary documents such as old photographs and reports of personal accounts. 

Click on the image above to read a brief overview of the 10 most haunted theatres around the world, including a description of the ghosts or paranormal events that are reported to have occured.