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English: Storm Boy

Coorong National Park


Click on the image above to take a virtual tour of the Coorong National Park in South Australia. Click on the thumbnail images on the bottom to explore the different physical areas and landmarks. Click on the bird slideshow to see the diverse abundance of birds that live in the Coorong National park.

Note: you will need adobe Flash Player to enable to virtual tour. 

Australian life in the 1960s


Click on the image to watch a clip about Australian life in the 1960s. What changes are starting to happen? What connections can you make to the book?

About Pelicans

The documentary above, Pelicans : Outback Nomads, tells the dramatic story of one of Australia's greatest nomads. With its enormous beak and undignified waddle, the pelican is one of the most appealing and best-known birds in the world. These comical characters face the greatest challenges as they fly thousands of kilometres to the ghost lakes of the arid centre where, in a race against time, they raise their young before the water evaporates in the sweltering heat. Some birds are lucky and raise their families in time, for thousands of others, death threatens.

Storm Boy - audio reading with pictures


Click on the image above to listen to the audio of Storm Boy, accompanied with beautiful illustrations. 

Storm Boy - the film


Click on the image above to view the trailer for the film of Storm Boy. Look at the characters - are they similar to different to what you imagined they would look like from reading the book?