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English: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

About the author

Author Website - An overview of Rick Riordan's life and career, including interviews.

Champaign Public Library Interview - 8 minutes into this interview Rick Riordan discusses his experience in writing Percy Jackson 

Podcast - Olympians, Gods and Dyslexia. Rick Riordan talks about fiction and family.

About the book

Guardian Book Review 

Click View - use your GenConnect account to view the 2010 film version of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Ten Sign you may be a half-blood. Click on the link to take the quiz.

Study Guides / Analysis

Britannica School - Use the contents tab to view information about Greek Mythology. (Log on through GenConnect)

Spark Notes Study GuideProvides summaries and plot and theme overviews.

LitCharts Study Guide - The Lightning Thief - LitCharts provides a comprehensive study guide for this novel, including an overview of the author, summary, characters and themes.

Teacher's Guide - This resource is available through Rick Riordan's website. Click on the link to view summary notes and discussion points.

Greek Gods - click on the image below to explore information