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English: Poetry

ABC Education videos

Poetry is a way of experiencing a story through reading and feeling - click on the image above to watch a video from ABC Education.

Search for your poet in the upper left corner search box - you'll find a biography, links to poems, and lists of suggested, similar poets.

Poem Hunter

Poetry Archive

A rich resource with detailed resources on many poets, sometimes including audio recordings and critical analysis. Click on "Poets" in the left top navigation and search for your poet. 

Solli Raphael, slam poet

Click on the image above to visit the website of Solli Raphael, who in 2017, aged 12, became the youngest winner of the Australian Poetry Slam Competition.

The Australian Poetry Library

Australian Poetry Library

The Australian Poetry Library (APL) aims to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of Australian poetry by providing access to a wide range of poetic texts as well as to critical and contextual material relating to them, including interviews, photographs and audio/visual recordings. 
This website currently contains over 42,000 poems, representing the work of more than 170 Australian poets.

Click on the image below to go the poetry library's page on nature.



Poetry Foundation