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English: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

About the author

Britannica: Biographical information about Louisa May Alcott

Course Hero: Louisa May Alcott Biography

Project Gutenberg Little Women: Free access to eBook version of Little Women

2019 Film Adaptation of Little Women

1994 Film Adaptation of Little Woem

Historical Content

This video includes insights and historical background on Louisa May Alcott's classic work, Little Women. It also discusses some of the film adaptations of the novel

Articles and online study guides

Course Hero: Little Women Study Guide:  access summary, plot, theme and character overviews 

Course Hero: View a short plot summary for the book Little Women

Course Hero: In depth summary & analysis

JSTOR: Little Women & Feminism: Sign up as a member to the State Library of Victoria to access literary articles about Little Women. 

LitCharts: A comprehensive analysis of the author, plot, characters, symbols and themes. Includes a visualisation of the plot and themes.

Spark NotesA comprehensive overview of the author, plot, context, characters, themes and writing style.