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English: Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank

About Anne Frank

Anne Frank House: Discover details about Anne Frank's life, diary and the secret annex through the offical website for Anne Frank House.

Britannica: Research information about Anne Frank through Britannica

Who was Anne Frank? Anne Frank House explains.

About the book

Watch Anne Frank: A Life in Hiding: This BBC Newsround special production explores the story of Anne Frank.

History Channel: The Dairy of Anne Frank. Use your GenConnect account to access Click View to watch this dramatisation of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Study Guides / Analysis

BBC Bitesize - Who was Anne Frank? Test your knowledge through this interactive webpage.

Spark Notes: Provides summaries, biographical information and explanations.

LitCharts: Provides comprehensive information about this book.

Britannica: WW II Key Events: Britanncia provides comprehensive information about the key events of WW II.

Action Scholastic The Girl Who Lived Forever: This interactive Scholastic magazine includes an article containing historical information about Anne Frank, WWII and classroom activities