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Sciences: Biology Unit 2 investigation - Forensic DNA Databases

Databases at Genazzano

Two of our databases will be most useful for this unit.

The links are below.  

Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre

Search “forensic DNA databanks”

Explora Secondary Schools

Search “forensic DNA databases” 

Australian Institute of Criminology - recent developments in DNA evidence

Nuffield Council of Bioethics – forensic use of bioinformation: ethical issues

National Institute of Justice – DNA evidence: basics of analysing

The National Academies Press – Forensiz DNA databanks and privacy of information

Science direct – forensic DNA databases: ethical and legal standards

Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative

Interpol – forensics and DNA

FBI – CODIS and NDIS fact sheet

Australian Crimial Intelligence Commision

Your genome – is it ethical to have a national DNA database?

CiteMaker - Citation Tool