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Sciences: Year Nine

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Click on the image above to view a video explaining how to use the Library Catalogue effectively by adjusting the search filters to reduce the amount of results. 


These databases contain articles, images and videos related to Science. Remember to consider your specific topic and search terms carefully and use the advance search options offered by each database. If you don't know much about the topic start with a general encyclopedia, such as Britannica or World Book, to find basic information and gather search terms.

Science Encyclopedias - d'Houet Library

Science and Scientists

"You do not mess with something so fundamental, so precious, as science," says Kirsty Duncan, Canada's first Minister of Science. In a heartfelt, inspiring talk about pushing boundaries, she makes the case that researchers must be free to present uncomfortable truths and challenge the thinking of the day -- and that we all have a duty to speak up when we see science being stifled or suppressed.

Royal Institution of Australia brings science to life in a series of videos with scientists, engineers and mathematicians. In this video we talk with scientists about the importance of thinking scientifically.


Meet Australian Scientist, Dr Misty Jenkins spends a lot of her time watching killers at work: the white blood cells of the body that eliminate infected and cancerous cells. She can already tell you a great deal about how they develop into assassins and arm themselves.

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