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Sciences: Year Seven - Australian Animals


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Books in the d'Houet Library

The library has a good collection of print resources for this task   – check the shelves with call numbers from

595 to 599

for information relevant to your topic. Look for the titles that deal with Australian fauna.

AustraliaAustralian endangered animals by Terry KeytMammals by Helen StevensThreatened species by Justin Healey

Australian Musuem: Animal Factsheets

Click on the image above to view a huge range animal factsheets from the Australian Museum. 

Australia Zoo

Zoo Victoria: Endangered species factsheet

Zoos Victoria’s page that provides information on their plans to restore viable populations of species of native animals that are currently under threat of extinction. Click on the image below for access to the site.

ABC iView: Australian Animals

Click on the image above to explore an ABC Education website about Australian animals. Click on the image above to find information on animals from the mysterious orca to the iconic kangaroo, intelligent parrots and the secret lives of reptiles.

QLD Department of Environment and Science

Click on the image of a bandicoot above to visit the website for the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science.

This website provides an A-Z list of animals.

Click on the animal you are interested in researching for links to further information including details about habitat and diet.

Australian Government - Department of Environment

A website provided by the Australian Government that provides a list of threatened fauna and information  about their habitats and threats to their survival.


Perth Zoo - animal education resources

Click on the image above to access the education resources from Perth Zoo - view Zookepper talks about the Tasmanian devil and numbat, or download factsheets about other Australian animals. 

Helmeted Honeyeater


For the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Website click on theimage below.

Leadbeater's Possum

Southern Corroboree Frog

Brush Tailed Rock-Wallaby

Northern Corroboree Frog

Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

Orange-Bellied Parrot

Southern Bent-wing Bat

Spotted Tree Frog

Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Mountain Pygmy Possum